21 Day Challenge – Week 2 Confirmation


Congratulations! You are enrolled in the remainder of the the 21 day series. You will be receiving your next set of training emails tomorrow so make sure you keep an eye on your inbox.

If you have any questions you can go go HERE to ask them.

Talk to you tomorrow,
– Ox

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  1. Christian Padierna
    10 months ago

    Really like the 21 day challenge emails, and im excited and anxious to receive the emails! Awesome program

  2. Jeff
    10 months ago

    Great stuff.

  3. Travis
    10 months ago

    Getting a lot of good information.

  4. jeff dyerly
    10 months ago

    training is great. Really noticing the difference

  5. Shannon
    10 months ago

    Keep ’em coming, dry fire training is great in snowy weather!

  6. John Doyle
    10 months ago

    Though I learned the basics of shooting when I was six, I’m now realizing how much more there is to know. This course of study is absolutely excellent.

  7. Robert Lind
    9 months ago

    Awesome stuff! Great to un-learn some bad habits, and heal some training scars. Dry Fire, Dry Fire Fit, and How To Shoot Like A Navy S.E.A.L., are the best bang for the buck out there.

  8. Brandon Morton
    9 months ago

    Enjoying the training so far

  9. Robert
    9 months ago

    A Happy Camper with my cards !

  10. Robert Oborski
    9 months ago

    working out great.

  11. Roger
    9 months ago

    Purchased a Sirt Pro today to implement each challenge. Been training off and on in martial arts since I was five and guns are the new martial arts. I know the training imprints to the subconscious after the practice is rehearsed and implemented correctly. Much like in weight training when we emphasise the importance of good form. So “Absorb that which is useful”.

    Those (Authors) mentioned thus far are able to articulate these (Battle) concepts to the extent that it enables the reader the ability to visualize and react accordingly.

  12. Mark Tennant
    9 months ago

    Lots of good information.

  13. David Sanderson
    9 months ago

    lots of good information. THANKS

  14. Michelle Foley
    9 months ago

    Thank you!

  15. Don Alberda
    9 months ago

    I am looking forward to getting into the full swing of the training. Being sick has set me back but hoping this training will be the key for me!

  16. Maris
    8 months ago

    I’m still waiting on my cards to arrive in the mail, so I am very grateful for the PDF version and the daily instructions for this 21 day series. I appreciate the small chunks of detailed information that make it easier to learn and really absorb the information.

    • Ox
      8 months ago

      Awesome, Maris! That’s why we give everyone immediate access to the cards and send out the 21 day quickstart. Let me know how your shooting improves.

  17. Gladys
    8 months ago

    Keep the info coming!

  18. Jim Winters
    8 months ago

    I like the emails and have set up a special folder for them so they don’t get lost.

  19. Jack
    8 months ago

    Awesome, love the daily training and how it all flows together from one day to the next. Good Stuff.

  20. Jimbo71
    8 months ago

    Just got the cards and have been copying details and printing them to use in my dry fire training area. They really point out details that I haven’t noticed and my improvement is already visible. Thanks

  21. Derek Zeien
    8 months ago

    Im learning a lot. I have snap caps on the way for the drills and cards that require pulling the trigger.

  22. Terry
    8 months ago

    I’ve carried for more years than I can remember. I hit the range at least once a month. I’ve shot the barrel out of my 92. My Kimber 45 is my EDC. My Kahr P-9 ia my second gun. After going through the cards and drills, I need more work. A good thing. Thanks

  23. roger whitsett
    8 months ago

    everybody is right this is great and helpful material!

  24. Jeff
    8 months ago

    Great stuff so far!

  25. Stan F
    8 months ago

    Thanks, My son and I are both enjoying the 21 day Challenge.
    It’s time.

  26. Todd
    8 months ago

    The drills have been mind boggling. I never conceived how detailed shooting can be, and how poor I really am doing it. Great practice habits can be learned. I’ve passed on the website to my friends who also shoot and have C & C permits. Well done!

  27. Jamey
    7 months ago

    Thanks for the help!

  28. Devin
    7 months ago

    Appreciate the emails!

  29. Joe Thorpe
    7 months ago

    My wife and I are new to handguns and plan on using your cards and emails to get started and quickly improve. We ordered our Glocks last week and will pick them up late this week after our CA 10 day waiting period. Do you have a different schedule of drills for us beginners? We probably will not need any of the advanced lessons until we can become proficient with the basics.

  30. Brandon
    6 months ago

    Keep them coming

  31. Sharon Sampson
    6 months ago

    I definitely want to remain! My goodness! Just gotta do first things first. These card go AFTER the book yes? I kinda go back and forth. Still have no idea how to make my own guns work for dryfire. I am sure I’ll get it sooner than later, grins.

    I am an exercise specialist (and Landscape Architect) who knows how to survive in the wilderness. Good thing cause I am getting OLD. Arghhh! I’ve a couple of guns I adore. Sorta like my two horses; both savvy trail horses but one is my cadillac and the other my sports car. I got one big gun and one light automatic. Not wanting nor able to purchase a dryfire gun.

    If I don’t figure this dryfire stuff out in a few weeks I most certainly will be asking. So not to worry. Right now we are trying to reconstruct our garden/green house that got demolished last fall with heavy snow.

    Very impressed with the writing and graphics. Very clear. I mean I am acting like such an expert when watching cops and heros clearing a home, building. Just not the same as practicing for real.

  32. Joseph M. Sobek
    6 months ago

    Very helpful info. Helping my shooting accuracy a lot so far.

  33. drew
    5 months ago

    Great training! I am already seeing improvement.

  34. Chris
    5 months ago

    have really enjoyed the 1st 7 days….looking fwd to the rest.

  35. Doug Clark
    5 months ago

    This is a great practice program! You know the rule: if you want to excel, practice, practice, practice. Learning things I never thought about before. Highly recommend this Dry Fire Training!

  36. Geraldine Quesenberry
    5 months ago

    I received my dry fire cards in the mail
    Wow!!! I am a new shooter and the 21 day challenge is perfect for me at this point. I have gotten 5 days of the challenge, but I did not get one today. I really hope you will continue to send me the emails. My new gun is a Werther PK380. A real challenge to master all the little ins and outs. That is why the 21 day challenge is so important to me. Not only am I gaining much needed knowledge, but self confidence as well. After all, I am a 73 year old lady and I need all the self confidence I can get. Lol thank you, Geraldine

  37. Steve
    5 months ago

    I love the cards. I consider myself an intermediate shooter, and I can already see some improvements. I’m “spraying” less, tightening up my shot groups.


  38. Steve
    5 months ago

    Awesome program. I look forward to the next days training. I already notice improvement. I’m definitely recommending this to my friends.

  39. Juan Gonzalez
    4 months ago

    Good to Go…

  40. Dan
    4 months ago

    Can you suggest any strength exercises for hand control? I cut index finger server nerve damage. Injury healed now but that finger weak

  41. Mary Ann
    4 months ago

    Thanks for the prompt. I just received my SIRT gun and plan to begin with lesson one – so, I’m delayed but plan to try it.

  42. Monte Turner
    4 months ago

    I’m saving the e-mails to a folder so I can use them over. Thanks for supplying this great training tool.

  43. Mike
    4 months ago

    Working well for me, thanks.

  44. Craig
    3 months ago

    Amazing how quickly I’m improving in so many ways. Going to the range next week. Interested to see how it translates to putting bullets on paper.

  45. Dwayne odell
    3 months ago

    Thank you great stuff

  46. Richard
    3 months ago

    Very impressed. Didn’t realize t
    hat I needed this practice.

  47. Chuck
    3 months ago

    Amazing program. I have enjoyed the training so far and look forward to the upcoming emails.

  48. Christopher Smith
    3 months ago

    Can’t wait!!

  49. Kevin Bradford
    2 months ago

    The 21 day dry fire challenge emails are the highlight of my day and have been very helpful. I shoot my carry gun weekly but handling it everyday and going through the daily dry-fire drills has been an amazing way to grow muscle memory and improve my draw and shooting skills.

  50. Dori Hale
    2 months ago

    Love them. Also really liked the visual eye training videos.

  51. Michael
    2 months ago

    Very excited about becoming a more precise shooter.

  52. Randy Carter
    2 months ago

    Have really enjoyed the training up to now. I went out and shot yesterday and can already see an improvement! This training really works.

    • Ox
      2 months ago

      Thanks, Randy!

  53. Jonathan
    2 months ago

    Like the training so far will wait till the end to apply live fire and see the results

  54. Cathy
    2 months ago

    Bought a SIRT for practice. Keep the information coming!

  55. Judith Dunn Lee
    1 month ago

    Thoroughly enjoying theese

  56. Patrick Gibbs
    1 month ago

    I use a SIRT pistol for the drills. It’s got some disadvantages in the trigger pull area because it’s not as good a trigger as in my Glock 17, but I can see a lot of the results (and benefits) because of the laser.

    • Ox
      1 month ago

      The thing to remember is that ALL Glock triggers are different. If the SIRT perfectly matched someone else’s trigger, it wouldn’t match yours. If it matched yours now, it wouldn’t match yours 5,000 rounds from now.

      Your point is 100% valid, but it isn’t as big of a factor as most people think. As an example, I do the majority of my practice with a full sized SIRT but carry and compete with a sub-compact Glock 26. The triggers are different, the weight is different, the grip length is different, but the neural pathways developed with the SIRT carry over to the 26.

      Train hard!

  57. Bill Edwards
    1 month ago

    I am on pace. Did my before target last week. Enjoying the course with my SIRT (thanks for the Ox discount with extra magazine

  58. Tommy
    1 month ago

    So far so good!

  59. Thomas Duane
    1 month ago

    Great training helping remove poor habits

  60. Cesar Guerra
    4 weeks ago

    Thank u

  61. Joe
    3 weeks ago

    keep them coming

  62. Jamie Nichols
    5 days ago

    I am really enjoying this coarse, Great stuff to teach the whole family!

    • Ox
      4 days ago

      Thanks, Jamie!

  63. Don Porter
    1 day ago

    I did the first 3 days with my carry pistol then ordered a SIRT. It should be here today? I’m printing out the 21 day challenge for further reference. One question, is there any certain order on should follow with the cards?

    • admin
      9 hours ago


      One of the great things about the cards is that there is no “right or wrong” way to use them. They are designed to be adapted to each individual and to be fun.

      If there is a card that doesn’t work for you, save it and see if it may work later. If you learn better by focussing on one card and then moving on, then that’s great.

      Some folks shuffle and pick a card, while others will work systematically through the deck. The important thing is to do what works best for you and is fun so you continue with your training.

      I hope that helps clear things up.

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